Dr. Nancy Moonstarr

Therapist offering family, adolescent & child counseling as well as individual & couples therapy 

Counseling includes

  • Individual Psychotherapy – Family of Origin, Codependency, Career, Illness, Goals, Spiritual Crisis, Destructive Living
  • Child Play Therapy and Parenting Techniques to Support Child’s Needs Combined With Care-taking Integrity
  • Adolescent Therapy to Open Communication, Build Coping and Decision Making Skills in Regard to Family, Peer, School and Dating
  • Couples Counseling to learn positive ways of behaving and communicating to build intimacy
  • Trauma Treatment and Stress Reduction
  • Techniques to Build Positive Self-Esteem, Confidence, Self-Acceptance and Overcome Hopelessness
  • Family Counseling to Manage Divorce, Grief, Life Transitions, Illness or Depression (within self or a family member)
  • Assistance for Dealing with Adolescents, Adult Children, Boundaries, Tough Love
  • Relational Skills and Communication Clarity
  • Problem Gambling and Recovery
  • Identifying Core Virtues for Self, Others and Creating Future Happiness and Purposefulness
  • Gender Affirmation and Support for Self or Loved Ones Seeking Information and Acceptance
  • Substance recovery, harm reduction and healing of self and loved ones

Dr. Nancy Moonstarr has skills, drawn from a lifelong commitment to self-help mastery.    As a therapist, she specializes in helping others overcome their latest challenge and use it purposefully.  Nancy’s approach includes assisting clients identify core values, think clearly, and make decisions aligning with their true self.  She works best with those clients facing unusual circumstances and willing to delve deeper into who they are, in order to grow one’s self and awareness larger than previously experienced.  Unfortunate events are openings to building inner strengths and continue the path to wholeness.  Her counseling allows clients to accept their life now and the meaning behind it.